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Sagacity Global Psych and Associates provides services through divine wisdom, integrity and intellect to cultivate healing and clarity with direction in life’s journey. 

Global Agencies &

Global Agencies/Organizations – The heart of SGPA is to provide all services to the national and global community at large.  Spirituality, mental health challenges, and specifically trauma is universal. SGPA strives to assist clients in addressing these issues, and operating as their best and healthiest self.

School LIbrary


Faith Based Organizations – SGPA is committed to coming alongside Faith Based Organizations to assist them with fulfilling God’s call over their ministry by providing education, training, and workshops in a variety of areas such as (fill in examples.  This will keep it consistent with the other descriptions).

Praying Together


Business/Corporate – The culture of Corporate America is forever changing and sometimes it is simply difficult to know how to make the necessary changes.  Critical incidents may also occur and impact different staff members if not the entire office.  When this takes place there is a need for expert support.  SGPA provides training and seminars on various topics that address cultural changes and critical incidents, as they occur.


Government Entities  

Government Agencies – SGPA is dedicated to working with government agencies and employees in providing services that will address psychological distress experienced on a daily basis.  We assist agencies with identifying resources and skills that will aid them in performing their duties from a place of health.

Academic Organizations

Academic Organizations – SGPA provides practical training and seminars on topics in the following areas:  Impacts of Trauma & Vicarious Trauma, Race, Culture, and Diversity, Burnout & Avoiding It, Self Care, and many other catered topics.

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